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Re-Published from Chicago, by Dr. Gaston Saint Martin (

Important New National Security Agency Project on Argentina – US Relations 1975 to 1980 –

Led  by Carlos Osorio [listmate]

From: Tex Harris <>

Subject: Important New NSA Project on Argentina – US Relations 1975 to 1980 – Led by Carlos Osorio [listmate]
To: “Tex Harris – AFSA” <>
Date: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 3:43 PM

Under the skilled and dedicated leadership of Carlos Osorio, the National Security Archive is launching an important project on Argentine – US Relations 1975 to 1980! [details below from Listmate Carlos Osorio <>]

The national Security Archive is preparing a selection of 2500 documents that illustrate US policy towards Argentina  between 1975 and 1980. These will be published by Chadwyck and Healey as a paid for digital collection in the Digital National Security Archive [], which usually becomes available in major universities across the country, and will be available for free at our reading room.

The documents are a selection from the 5000 US documents declassified in 2002 by the Department of State, another 2000 documents we got from our own FOIA request project, documents collected from the CIA website and the CREST database at the National Archives NARA, White House documents selected from the Carter Library in Atlanta, documents collected from  Patt Derian’s donation to Duke University, papers form George Lister at the Benson Library in Austin Texas  and finally documents collected from NARA from Deputy secretaries of State and so on. The collection also includes selected documents from the Chilean intelligence DINA head captured by Argentine intelligence [Arancibia Clavel] and introduced in courts in Argentina, and documents from the Archivo del Terror in Paraguay. Also included are documents donated by Mick Andersen and other former US officials

The collection will be published  by the end of the year and will be accompanied with a chronology of events to help readers place documents in the context of the political landscape and glossaries of people, organizations and events.

Tex Harris has been a key advisor in this project as well as the honorable Patt Derian. In addition, we have had the support in labor and scholarly research of dozens of students and Professors Silvia Tandeciarz and Betsy Konefal of the College of William and Mary and the renowned historian Marcos Novaro of the Centro de Investigaciones Politicas CIPOL and Laura Lenci, head of the Archivo de la Dirección de Inteligencia de la Policia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires DIPBA in Argentina.

The document collection aims to represent the key issues and policy turning points for the US while dealing with the Argentine dictatorship and the tragedy of the military  counterinsurgency campaign that led to the death or disappearance of nearly 30,000 people.


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