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CATO INSTITUTEPosted: 13 Jun 2013 09:33 AM PDT

Tim Lynch

Today the Washington Post says the federal government “should allow” Google and other business firms “to say a little more about their relationship with the government.” It is a telling indication of our “relationship with the government” that we are now pleading for freedom of speech.

Quick story to illustrate this point. Nick Merill is a business person in the telecommunications and web services field and one day federal agents brought him a “national security letter.” Astonished by what the “letter” demanded of him, Merill sought legal advice even though the government threatened him with jail if he told anyone else about his “letter.”NATIONAL SECURITY LETTERS & GAG ORDERS I invited Merill to a Cato event on Capitol Hill. Listen to his story and then forward it across the internet so others will have a better idea of what the government is doing.

CATO - NICHOLAS MERRILLNicholas Merrill Speaks Out About Receiving a National Security Letter


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