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By most measures, there has never been a better time in history to inhabit our planet. A growing body of evidence points to dramatic improvements in human well-being. These improvements are especially striking in the developing world.

Meticulously created and managed, is a new, free, innovative website that steadily follows and documents the forward march of human progress. This new site closes the gap between the often pessimistic public perception and a more optimistic reality, and is a comprehensive new research tool that provides data in an easily accessible manner, enabling users to:

  • Explore human development indicators from a wide range of sources.
  • Compare different indicators with one another.
  • Create and share visually compelling and information-packed graphics.
  • Calculate differences in human well-being between countries over time.

With data being continually sought and added for public use, the site already offers a vast amount of  information that can be immediately evaluated and applied. inaugurates its service for users with over 500 data sets and 2.3 million data points.

Whether one examines the online data on infant mortality rates, wealth, health, literacy rates, working time, the transition to alternative energy sources, access to information and education, travel, political and religious freedom and a host of other metrics, it is clear that progress is being made. Certainly, too many individuals still endure war, famine, disease, violence and subjugation. The human condition is far from perfect. But, the trend is strikingly clear: human progress, despite a drumbeat of negativity (both real and imagined), is on a persistent upward arc.  focuses on a number of themes that underpin the steady march of human progress including continued innovation, access to energy, and the rise of Asia – to name a few.

Look to  to be your source for data and accompanying literature and videos, provided to you by a team of expert editors in association with leading outside researchers and scholars.


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