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OCTOBER 12, 2015
Morris Dees Photo
Morris Dees

Very soon there will be no Southern Poverty Law Center, and there will be no Morris Dees. He will be dead soon.”

— Threat to SPLC, August 11, 2015

Dear Gaston,

My colleagues and I are facing serious threats to our lives and hope we can count on you to help keep us safe.

On numerous occasions, the names, pictures, and home addresses of people who work here have been posted on hate websites frequented by violent extremists.

At one point recently, the threat level was so high that staff members and their families actually had to leave their homes.

I’ve long ago accepted the fact that my life’s work puts me in the crosshairs of hate.

But I feel an enormous obligation to do everything I can to protect my colleagues who also put their lives on the line.

Today I ask that you join me today in sending a special gift to help pay for the 24/7 security that we need. It’s an investment not only in the safety of our staff but also in the future of our work.

Help Me Keep My SPLC Colleagues Safe from Violent Extremists

As you know, racist threats are nothing new to us. Klansmen firebombed our first office in retaliation for a lawsuit we filed — and more than two dozen extremists have gone to jail in connection with plots to kill me or attack the SPLC.

A recent threat assessment by a global security analyst said extremists “will never cease to represent a threat” to the SPLC and our staff.

But I can assure you that we won’t be intimidated.

With your help, we’re tracking more than 1,600 far-right extremist groups across America. You play a crucial role in this fight against hate.

Please, if at all possible, make a special gift to help provide the security needed to help keep the SPLC staff safe, and continue our legal and education efforts.

All of us here deeply appreciate your support and your commitment to justice. Together, we can make a real difference in our great country.

Morris Dees Signature
Morris Dees
Founder, Southern Poverty Law CenterP.S. If your special appeal gift and this email have crossed, please accept my gratitude for your continued commitment to making a difference in our country.

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