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From Gaston A. SAINT MARTIN MD                                                               21/12/2015

Para: The U.S. Senator Mark Kirk‘s International Affairs Analyst & Consultant Mark Dietzen, 

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Dear Mark:

I can’t see the CC of this mail you should have sent to Officer Victor Barrientos.

I can’t either see the copy of the English version of the report about the 3 attacks (kidnaping and torture of Argentine Attorney Pablo Lanusse and his two sisters) done by the Gold Mafia (GM), threats and attacks were finally successful because Argentina’s political unstable government was unable to protect its brave attorney.

Officer Barrientos is willing to help you to do a good report for Senator Kirk.

Senator Kirk is the important person in our government, expecting from us a reliable and dependable report about an extremely important international affair, as is the GM stealing of Patagonian Gold.

The GM may be powerful enough to intimidate Argentina’s political unstable government but its unthinkable the Mafia might be able to force or intimidate the government of the United States! We are no Theft! It is disgusting to hear suggestions, blaming The United States to profit from that stolen Patagonian gold!

All this depends on a good report you must do. If you fail to do that, what do you expect Officer Barrientos to do, to protect me, and my family from GM attacks?

You are not delegating to him that responsibility, aren’t you?

You are the International Affairs Analyst & Consultant, Senator Mark Kirk sent me to Oak Park. BUT you do not speaks Spanish. Officer Barrientos is willing to help Senator Kirk; but he is an Oak Park local Police Officer, without time to do your job, not an International Affairs Analyst and Consultant as you are!

He already told me that; but by discussing the problem we agree he was going to comment you (in English) the documents I gave him about Argentina’s Attorney Pablo Lanusse; and both of you should have sent me a CC draft copy to correct errors for the final report for Senator Kirk.

Really upset and restless, I remain, yours to help any possible you need to ask me

Dr. Gaston Saint Martin MD ( )




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