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EC 125 N Euclid 20170908

Dear Neighbor:EC 125 N Euclid 20170908

         Can you please try to assist to our small EC community meeting tomorrow, 10:00 AM?

         I remember when we first meet; You said “If our expenses go up, I won’t’ be able to afford living here” the same was for us, and there still are; privately I have heard similar things from many neighbors.

         We all know the law.    We all live here “legally” because we like and want; without differences, if we own, rent o just stay here with permission.

         I do care if my neighbors at my sides or downstairs suffer because loud screams from my pet during a storm; too loud music, TV; leaking from our appliances or our grandchildren running and playing in the unit, or if we have a friends meeting once in a while, or parking issues in our building property; but –in my opinion– calling the police (or to war) is not the answer; we may catch more flyers with sugar than vinegar.

         Simon Bolivar uses to say: “governments must be renewed periodically, to avoid dangers of tyranny accustomed to ordering people used and resigned just to obey mistakes…”

         I want to public thanks, Tim Silver’s great job done in behave of our E. Community “ad honorem (without pay)    I couldn’t have done it better!, even if I intended; it is time to help him recognizing our building has been kept in excellent condition as received from the builders. Tim deserves a relive for next evolution and improving chapter we are heading to…

         Kind regard from your friendly neighbor at DEC-402

Dr. Gaston A. Saint Martin MD





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